Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(Beware! There be spoilers ahead!)

A few days ago, my fiancée and I went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I loved it- a story about people in the Star Wars universe not immediately concerned with the Skywalker family drama that makes up the main story. I was immediately struck by the diversity of the cast and the fact that this movie finally looked like a believable depiction of the universe.
I loved the film and I loved the story- however I do keep feeling a hint of sadness that while we finally got a Star Wars movie with a diverse cast, it also involved all of the heroes dying. I’d like to think that it’s just a coincidence- that they wanted to create a diverse film, but they also wanted to do a darker film in which the heroes that gave their lives to the Rebels, but it does hurt that the white heroes in the Star Wars universe get to live, but brown people died. Perhaps it was a logistics standpoint, a way to explain why the heroes of the film don’t appear in the original trilogy.

I’m hopeful about the Star Wars franchise improving. The new characters in The Force Awakens are much more diverse than the preceding movies. If that trend continues, I’ll happily consider it all a coincidence. So please, Star Wars- continue to make diverse films, and hopefully add in more women of color. It will go a long way for so many people.

How To Get Through Depression Lows


(from someone who has actually been there)

In college, I suffered from terrible depression- therapy, medication, the whole nine yards. I was deeply unhappy and pretty much the only thing keeping me from doing something drastic was me not wanting to bother my mother. It sucks and there were weeks of me wearing the same pajamas to class every day because I didn’t have it in me to change.

However I did find that some things helped me feel like a person and less like a Blob of Death.

  • Change your clothes. Fresh underwear, a new pair of sweatpants and a clean sweatshirt 100% satisfy this suggestion. You’ll feel mounds better and instantly more like a person. A nice bonus is throwing your clothes in the dryer (if you have access to one) for a few minutes before you put them on.
  • Most people tell you to try to clean your surroundings. That’s stupidly hard when you’re depressed. I’m not going to tell you to do that- however I will suggest that you make your bed. You’ll be less likely to turn into a Bed Monster that’s trapped in its layer if the bed is made. Really, the only other cleanliness tip I’m going to give you is to get food trash and dirty plates out of your bedroom- they will make you feel icky.
  • A self care shopping trip. Go to Target or Walmart whatever is closest to where you live. I have a small shopping list for you.
    1) A new toothbrush
    2) Fancy toothpaste. I’m pretty sure some brands make fun flavors (technically for kids). Get it.
    3) New shampoo and conditioner in a smell that you like.
    4) New soap or bodywash that smells good.

    Now, you’re going to get home and you’re going to lock yourself into the bathroom and you are going to take a magnificent shower and brush your teeth with your new stuff. Make taking care of yourself something pleasant, not some sort of chore that’s insurmountable. Embrace the vanilla scented bubbles and put on clean pajamas and maybe things won’t feel so bad? Plus, the shopping trip has the added bonus of forcing you to leave your home for just a few minutes.

You’ve got this.