Fuck Sweating For The Wedding

In March of 2016, I proposed to my girlfriend, Courtney in the middle of Disney World. She cried and said yes and we called our families and a facebook video my friend shot got a ridiculous amount of notes. I was a size fourteen.

This was the same size I wore when we started dating. This is the same size I wear months later. I’m betting it’s the same size that I’m going to wear on our wedding day. Somehow, this is an issue for some people. I browse tumblr and other blogs and keep finding people suggesting bridal diets or ‘sweating for the wedding’ workout routines- because apparently it’s a given that all women getting married are going to try to lose weight before their wedding day- because no matter what, you should always want to be skinnier!

You’re supposed to pick a dress that’s flattering (IE: make you look skinny). You’re supposed to eat nothing and work out so you’re at your skinniest- after all, there’s never going to be a day where people take more pictures of you! You can’t have grandchildren looking through the wedding album and see that Grandma was… a size fourteen. She’s gotta at least make an effort to be a size six or something.

And it keeps popping up in my personal life- I see engaged friends hashtagging selfies with #bridediet and for a minute I wonder if I’m wrong for thinking that my girlfriend wants to marry me how I always am. I send a beloved relative pictures of myself in a tried-on wedding gown and am advised to lose weight because my arms are fat. I get pulled aside in the work cafeteria by a coworker that I barely know and get shamed for buying a slice of apple pie, because aren’t I getting married soon?

I don’t really consider it a radical act to be fat and getting married, but if everyone else is going to act like it’s a big deal, I guess I’m totally radical.

Can’t wait to go on a wedding cake tasting.