Long Time No Write?

Okay, so it’s been a little longer than I meant for it to be since my last update. I’ve been a little bit out of it lately- awful head cold for the last almost week and I’ve been a little stressed over weddings related things.  But things haven’t been awful!

  • I submitted a short story to that writing contest I submitted to. If I don’t move forward in the contest, I’ll probably post it here, if you’d be interested in reading it? Sound fun? Cool.
  • I saw Hidden Figures twice and it’s a fantastic movie and I’m going to continue to urge people to go see it.
  • I ordered my wedding dress! I would post a picture here, but there’s no way to make sure that my fiancee doesn’t see it, so picture me in a really awesome fluffy white dress with a bit of sparkle.
  • It looks like we have our wedding venue and our official date!
  • I sent a work related email that’s been stressing me out!
  • I interviewed for a new job (haven’t heard anything back, but at least I was brave enough to interview).

So trying to hang on to positivity and see if I can clear my head a bit.

Take care!


Good Things from 2016

My friend Alex does this cool thing where at the end of every day, she writes down some good things that happened. I think this is really cool and want to do it too- but I also often collapse upon getting home at the end of the day because my job tends to be a gross combination of second (or maybe even third) shift and physical labor. So I’m currently planning to maybe do weekly writeups on my “Saturday” which in fact, is Monday.

However first, I figure I should try to come up with good things that happened in 2016- it’s rough. Two of my family dogs had to be put down, my stepfather died this summer and my grandfather died a few weeks before Christmas- and those are just my own personal tragedies, not touching the beloved celebrities that have passed away, the political hellscape we’re currently in, or the natural disasters and unnatural tragedies we’ve had to deal with as a society.

So without further ado, a list.

  • I got engaged! My fiancée and I got engaged at Disney World after dating for five years. That was cool. I got her a shiny emerald ring and we’re both wearing dresses and the wedding is going to happen in Spring of 2018 in Orlando- that is pretty much all I have to report.


  • I met Billie Piper at MegaCon. I’m a big fan of RTD-era Doctor Who, in particular Rose Tyler. When it was announced that Billie was going to be a guest at the event, I was so happy- as someone who struggles with self image issues, it was amazing. I had decided to cosplay as her and she gushed when she saw me- called me beautiful and was thrilled. Now I don’t know if that’s the sort of reaction she gives everyone- but it felt so wonderfully personal and the experience was very positive. I’m pretty sure that fueled me through like three months.


  • Sunday, June 12, was one of the worst days of my life- I woke up to texts from terrified friends trying to check in with each other after there was an awful shooting in a night club downtown. I’m talking about the Pulse shooting- I was lucky enough to not know anyone personally, but my fiancée lost a friend and I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone in Orlando who wasn’t effected by the event. I don’t want to talk about the awful things that happened- I want to talk about how Orlando responded. So many people immediately went out to donate blood (so many that people had to be turned away). Donations flooded in to help those suffering and support the lgbtq community. Nothing will ever take away from the horror of that day, however seeing good people’s reactions to the event went a long way to prove to me that people, really, are good.  Even when it’s hard to believe, even when we’re faced with awful things.
  • I discovered PinupGirlClothing. I know writing about a clothing brand seems… stupid- but it’s amazing that I’ve found a brand that makes clothing that actually suits my body and fits right. Furthermore- there’s no guilt as everything is made in America so while pieces are expensive, there are no worries about sweatshops or people being abused.
  • I discovered Critical Role- a DnD web series that has reawakened my love of storytelling and I think may finally spark a novel in me.
  • My fiancée and I went to New York City- it was my first time there and I think it also helped to light a creative fire under my ass, a reminder to take my own happiness in my own hands and get to work. We went to the Stonewall Inn while we were there and it was a highlight for me.