Let’s Enter a Contest


So I entered a Writing Contest, the first time I’ve done anything like this since college. Next week, I’m going to be given a genre, subject, and a character assignment and I have to write a short story in eight days- I’m excited and panicking a little because I have no way to prepare for this ahead of time.

I get overwhelmed easily. I have probably close to fifty detailed, drawn out outlines for novels in my documents- but when I sit down to start writing it seems like an insurmountable task and I stall. I write a couple of chapters and all I hear are bad metaphors and clunky dialogue (never mind that it’s just a first draft only intended for me to read). So I stop and it joins the graveyard of good ideas that is my hard drive. But a short story with a set time frame… I think I can do that.

The contest continues beyond this first story, but I’m not betting on getting past the first round (I’ll be stoked if I do, though!) . Frankly, as long as I turn in a piece I’m content to have my name on, I’m calling this one a win. But actually winning would be awesome. I’m mostly excited just to have a piece with feedback from people who aren’t my friends. It makes me think of the time I was in college when my creative writing professor… who won a Pulitzer… tried to get me to submit a story to a literary journal and I never did. Still regret it (also can’t find that particular short story to clean up and submit now, probably because of my messy Graveyard Hard Drive). I think that’s my real goal for 2017- to submit a short story around to literary journals in the hope that something good happens.

And yes, I’m currently outlining my millionth chapter story. Maybe this time, it’ll stick?